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Sports Heritage Scotland currently has the following organisations in our membership (in alphabetical order);  British Golf Museum, Camanachd Association, Raeburn Place Foundation, Royal Caledonian Curling Club, Cricket Scotland, Scottish Curling Trust, Scottish Football Association, Scottish Football Museum, Scottish Golf and Scottish Rugby.

The collaborative partnership between these organisations is unprecedented within the field of sports heritage in Scotland. Already organisations representing five of the sports are working together to develop a national sports reminiscence project (The Memories Project) and organisations representing all six sports have either recently been involved in creating exhibitions, are currently running heritage displays or are committed to creating exhibitions in the near future.


British Golf Museum
The Camanachd Association
Raeburn Place Foundation
Royal Caledonian Curling Club
Cricket Scotland
Scottish Curling Trust
Scottish Football Association
Scottish Football Museum
Scottish Golf
Scottish Rugby


Aims and Objectives

The remit for Sports Heritage Scotland is as follows;

  • To identify and preserve Scotland’s sporting heritage
  • To develop and maintain a digital archive/resource covering all sporting activity within Scotland
  • To make content of the archive/resource available to all members through a website and other electronic media in English and Gaelic
  • To support the roll out of the sports reminiscence project by encouraging the establishment of local groups throughout Scotland and by providing access to digitised resources
  • To develop a strategy that will make the archive/resource accessible to encourage reminiscence activity amongst non dementia groups
  • To provide effective communication between members of the network to share expertise/knowledge
  • To communicate and liaise with other bodies within and furth of Scotland, where appropriate, in furtherance of the aims of the project
  • Provide access to appropriate education/training opportunities for members
  • Promote the work of Sports Heritage Scotland within Scotland
  • To support exhibitions for each of the sports



Sports Heritage Scotland was established in 2015 by national sporting bodies and heritage organisations representing the sports of cricket, curling, golf, football, rugby and shinty.


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Sports Heritage Scotland
The Memories Project
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